KOC KING of Charity
is a Charity Token focusing on MENA Region & Asian Countries

KOC is all about charity and saving lives. King of Charity is one of its kind to focus on Charity through Crypto Transactions. 4% of every transaction will go to a charity wallet and the funds will be distributed among major charity organizations of the MENA region. The idea Is to attract International charity funders to extend their support for third world countries with the ease of the process of giving

Charity Wallet: 0x9573CD41bb0190567844A76219228767a381dB7A

Dev Wallet: 0x7C99D7420C66Fc95fa19f49ba9dCC1e9A3FdF186

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With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

White Paper

KING OF CHARITY is a Charity Token and the vision behind it is to support major Charity Organizations MENA & Asian Countries. 

The goal is to raise a good amount of Charity through community members and users every month in order to fund known Charity initiatives like EDHI, Direct Aid, Thai Red Cross, etc. The funds will be raised via transaction fees over every transaction which would be 4% and it will go directly to a charity wallet, while 2% will go to the marketing funds so that we can keep running this show by attracting more and more investors.

Frequently asked questions

KOC - is King of Charity, a token focused to raise funds for know charity organizations

You can purchase KOC from Pancake Swap

You can benifit from KOC token in multiple ways like, good gains on the initial investment and automatically giving away in charity on each transaction that is made from your wallet.

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